Now and then creative writing- sumner beach night and day 1.4

Sumner beach- Night and day

I catch the subtle salty smell which is laden within the air. It’s a calm autumn day and the sun, not afraid to make an entrance, casts it’s rays towards the ocean. Golden beams, which are reflected off the ocean, stream into the eyes of many people who come out to breath the fresh air. I position my feet carefully at the tip of the rock face, right at the water’s edge. The grittiness of the slab provides me with the grip I need to be able to stay standing. I feel the water’s flow beneath my toes and little droplets spray against my calves, sending goose bumps up my legs. My mouth is open a little and the large waves which crash against the rocks send splashes to my face, the water slides over my cheek bones and into my mouth, the saltiness is horrid and makes me nauseous. Wind whistles past my ears, sending my hair flying back behind my head in a matted mess. My arms, held out like a ‘T’ get shot with the wind coming straight off the sea, my jersey serves no protection against the weapon which nature provides. Sounds of car engines rumbling along the main street muffle the bird’s songs and children’s laughter, yet they are not loud enough to block out the excited barks of dogs or the intense smashing of the waves. I slowly make my way around the numerous rock pools which lay nestled in among the jagged edges of the rock, taking my time at every little settlement. The red crabs stare up at me, their eyes like little darts awaiting the target. Starfish lie still, frozen and lifeless. I forget where I am, I am lost in my own imagination, my senses are a kaleidoscope of colors, indistinguishable from each other. I am kidnapped, I am falling into a trap, a trap that my own mind has invented.

A faint glow is cast over the ocean, creating a powerful feeling of vulnerability. The birds chatter has become alive, more alive than I could ever imagine, the comforting roar of vehicle engines has disappeared, replaced with an intimidating feel of loneliness. The new vibe is dull and eerie, a transformation from the loud and friendly vibe that existed here only hours earlier. Stars shine bright against the gloomy night sky, the moon, afraid to make an entrance lays behind the shadowy clouds that refuse to move. Crumbly rock towers stand tall, daunting and terrifying in this low light that the early hours of the night provides us with. A lone dog, lost and disorientated stands against the edge of the cliff and lets out a low, ghostly howl. There is no echo, the sound just travels out to where the murky water merges with the sky. I feel that sense of danger travel up my spine, that feeling you get when your in a graveyard. My head is whirring and I realize that that is it. The ocean is a graveyard. All those shark attacks, sunken ships and rips, this is the murder scene of hundreds of innocent people. Water rushes up to greet me, cold and hard, it’s not friendly, in fact quite the opposite, it’s face is stern, holding no emotion, completely unaffectionate. The sympathy it should hold towards humans, including me, just doesn’t exist. Vile voices bounce off the walls of my brain, taking up too much space, they’re the voices which lie hidden beneath the surface of my skin, the voices that anyone who didn’t know me would just think don’t exist, they make me hurt so much inside. The ocean is the only place I can set my emotions free. I feel terrible yet at the same time I feel satisfied. This is the only time no-one is around, able to hear or see my anger and fear being set free. The roaring of the ocean drowns out my screams, talking louder than I have ever witnessed. It is a dark hole, holding many secrets captive below the surface. Black slime rushes up to meet me, threatening with it’s slippery tentacles, threatening to take me and add me to it’s collection of dead bodies that lie rotting in the void space.

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